Car Ferry Milwaukee

A 318 foot steel railroad car ferry was loaded with 27 box cars and 52 passengers. This is a popular dive destination as there are plenty of things to explore such as railcars, cars, or bath tubs. Penetration is possible for the trained and experiened.

  • Car Ferry Milwaukee: in dry dock
  • Car Ferry Milwaukee: at Grand Haven
  • Car Ferry Milwaukee: Jelsma Graphics
  • Car Ferry Milwaukee: Pilot House
  • Car Ferry Milwaukee: Pilot House
  • Car Ferry Milwaukee: Looking toward engine room
  • Car Ferry Milwaukee: Propeller
  • Car Ferry Milwaukee: Cargo - toilets
  • Car Ferry Milwaukee: Cargo - bathtubs
  • Car Ferry Milwaukee: Debris
  • Car Ferry Milwaukee: Cargo - toilets
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Other Names: Built as MANISTIQUE, MARQUETTE & NORTHERN No. 1, renamed in 1909
Vessel Specifications: 338x56x19, 2933g 1755n
Type of Vessel: Car Ferry
Depth to Deck: 90 ft (27m)
Depth to Bottom: 120 ft (36m)
How it Sunk: Sailed off into a storm, bound Milwaukee for Grand Haven, and was lost. Theory is that rail cars came loose in gale and crashed through her seagate, allowing water to come in over the stern and sink her. Her skipper apparently turned back for Milwaukee, but never made it.Some of her lifeboats were launched by her crew, and two of their bodies were picked up two days later by the steamer STEEL CHEMIST. Another lifeboat containing bodies washed up near Holland, MI.. It was routine for her to challenge the storm, she was built for it.
Date of Loss: 1929, Oct 22
Place of Loss: on a line between Milwaukee and Grand Haven
Lives Loss: 52 o 52
References: Shipwreck File by Dave Swayze