About Len-Der
The Len-Der has provided thousands and thousands of divers the exciting opportunity of wreck diving on one of Milwaukee’s many shipwrecks. Coast Guard certified, the Len-Der can handle dive groups of 12 divers for single or double dive trips. Individual divers are also welcome. With over 20 years of running shipwreck diving charters captain Jerry Guyer and the Len-Der are looking forward to another thrilling year. Call today for more information or to book your next charter.

  • Captain or crew briefs divers about the umcoming dive(s), boat and diving safety, weather conditions, and anything else to make the dive fun and safe.
  • Underway... hurray!
  • Getting ready for a dive is simple. The crew or captain will help you with your equipment at the sturn of the boat.
  • Of course don't forget about the head before a dive.
  • In between dives or while underway divers usually gather inside to chat about recent dives or just to chat.
  • Additional tanks for a second dive are stored along side the hallway.
  • There is plenty of storage for your bags inside of the boat.
  • See you on the LenDer!
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