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PC Survey is a branch of Pirates Cove Diving Inc. Pirates Cove Diving is a 41 –year –old sport scuba diving store located at 1103 W. Oklahoma Ave, in Milwaukee Wisconsin. Ten years ago we started a marina called “Jerry Dock” on the Milwaukee River at 318 S Water St. for our charter boat “Len-Der”. As the marina grew we bought more equipment and started getting calls for marine assistance and commercial salvage. We currently have 4 workboats, 2 cranes, 25 tons of lift bags, and a high definition side scanning sonar. We also have digital still and video cameras for underwater filming. From locating lost eyeglasses or moorings to doing propeller and rudder inspections on 800-foot iron ore carriers in Lake Michigan we are on call 24/7.
Please look at our web site for more information or call Jerry’s cell -414-588-6764.

Jerry Guyer
Jerry Guyer has been an active scuba diver for over 40 years and a PADI Master Scuba instructor for 30 years. He teaches many scuba classes every year and does marine salvage work from his workboat Len-Der. He is a U.S. Coast Guard Captain with a 100 ton Masters license. Running shipwreck diving charters in Lake Superior and Lake Michigan for the past 30 years he has helped thousands of people discover the thrill of shipwreck diving. His real passion is researching and finding lost shipwrecks in Lake Michigan. Using the latest high definition side scanning sonar’s he has located over two dozen shipwrecks in Lake Michigan. He is a retired high school teacher and lives in Milwaukee with his wife Sandy.